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Get Creative with Lipidic Cubic Phase

Versatile work-flows are easy with Oryx LCP:

1. Prepare the Protein-Lipid mixture
easily with the Douglas manual LCP mixer.
Click here for video of mixer

Mixer also available from Jena Bioscience GmbH

2. Initial screening
Set up 96 well screens to sandwich or vapour diffusion plates. Also set up LCP additive screens.
LCP Screening video

Douglas Instruments screening experiments

3. Optimize
Find the optimal pH, precipitants and concentration.
Cross Matrix Optimization video

Optimization with XStep software video

4. Dispense LCP to 24 well hanging drop coverslips
Much better harvesting than sandwich plates and better optics than sitting drop.

Douglas Instruments LCP dispenser



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Dispensing LCP to coverslips

Oryx 4 and 8 LCP can dispense LCP and aqueous drops to 22mm or 18mm cover slide. This makes setting up optimization experiments faster, less fiddly and more precise than manual set-up. Dispensing LCP to coverslips has the great benefit of easier harvesting whilst maintaining the optical benefits of a sandwich plate. Please visit our booth at one of the meetings below, or contact us, for more information about this.

Oryx8 LCP can also pipette reservoir solutions to practically all 24 well, 48 and 96 well plates. It can accurately and easily create concentration gradients and pH changes for LCP, under oil, hanging drop or sitting drop. Optimization video



Douglas Instruments will be at the following meetings:

Visit our booth and pick up a microseeding toolkit containing everything you need to do a MMS Microseeding experiment including the Hampton seed bead and crystal crusher.

South-West Structural Biology Consortium
(SWSBC 2015), University of Sussex

June 29th - 30th.

ACA 2015 Philadelphia

July 25th - 29th.

ECM 29 Croatia

August 23rd - 28th.

PDSI 2015 Munich

November 8th - 10th.

AsCA 2015 Kolkata

December 5th - 8th.

Recent citations of Douglas Instruments products

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(using random Microseeding, rMMS)

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Proteins, 83: 1191–1197. (2015)

Structural basis for self-assembly of a cytolytic pore lined by protein and lipid
(using random Microseeding, rMMS)

Koji Tanaka, Jose M.M. Caaveiro, Koldo Morante, Juan Manuel González-Mañas & Kouhei Tsumoto
Nature Comms. 6 6337.(2015)

Structural studies of a thermophilic esterase from a new Planctomycetes species, Thermogutta terrifontis
(using random Microseeding, rMMS)

Sayer, C., Isupov, M. N., Bonch-Osmolovskaya, E. & Littlechild, J. A.



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