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Hanging drop crystallization experiments with the Oryx range of robots

Using the MiTeGen In Situ-1 plate

The MiTeGen In Situ–1 crystallization plate is now available from Douglas Instruments. Please contact us to request a free sample of the MiTeGen In Situ–1 *Limited stocks.

The plate can be flipped over to create a 96 well hanging drop experiment.

The In Situ–1 plate is compatible with the Oryx8, Oryx4 and OryxNano allowing all users to:

        • Collect data in situ.

        • Set up 96 well hanging drop screening and MMS microseeding experiments in approximately 10 minutes.

        • Set up microseeding dilution experiments with the Cross Matrix Optimization experiment and the Additive Scatter experiment.

The In Situ–1 plate is compatible with all our experiment scripts, and works well with XStep for optimization. (Oryx8 only).

Key features of the In Situ–1:

Please contact us for more information about the In Situ–1 plate or a plate definition file.

24 Well cover slide dispensing (Oryx4 and Oryx8 only)

        • Set up 24 well cover slide experiments with up to 5 drops per slide.

        • vary protein : precipitant ratio independently for each drop.

        • Dispense additives such as seeds or diluent.

        • Compatible with LCP dispensing.

        • 22 and 18mm cover slides can be used.



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Douglas Instruments will be at the following meetings:

Visit our booth and pick up a free microseeding toolkit containing everything you need to do a MMS Microseeding experiment including the Hampton seed bead and crystal crusher.

PDSI 2015 Munich

November 8th - 10th.

AsCA 2015 Kolkata

December 5th - 8th.

Recent citations of Douglas Instruments products

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Complete epitopes for vaccine design derived from a crystal structure of the broadly neutralizing antibodies PGT128 and 8ANC195 in complex with an HIV-1 Env trimer

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Binding of the Lactococcal Drug Dependent Transcriptional Regulator LmrR to Its Ligands and Responsive Promoter Regions

Jan Pieter van der Berg, Pramod Kumar Madoori, Amalina Ghaisani Komarudin, Andy-Mark Thunnissen, Arnold J. M. Driessen



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