Douglas Instruments Software for Protein Crystallization

Free Software

Downloadable Free Software in .zip or self-extracting format. Instructions to install software are here. Please contact Douglas Instruments before installing for help and support.

Please contact us if you have any requests or ideas for the software or experiment script files.

System Requirements

Recommended system requirements for control PC

Latest Release Experiment Script Files

  July 2016:     Experiments Version 9.33 for V25: +LCP CrossMatrix Optimization; +Increased protein capacity for under oil experiments; +Oil dispense offset, manual adjustment option in WaspRun.

  April 2016:     Experiments Version 9.21 for V24: +Microbatch 2D Grids; +Improved Vapor Diffusion 2D Grids; +4 Corner Optimization; +Increased protein capacity for vapor diffusion experiments.

  October 2015:     Experiments Version 9.32 for V25: New scripts added to LCP release: +Microbatch 2D Grids; +Improved Vapor Diffusion 2D Grids; +4 Corner Optimization.

  January 2015:     Experiments Version 9.31 for V25: First LCP release for V25: +LCP Screening;

  February 2013:     Experiments Version 8.99 for V23: +Improved Tip Cleaning; +Microlytic Crystal Former HT SBS;

Latest Software Version Releases

  August 2016:     V25.04: +Option for Alternative Shield Hook Position; +Sound Alerts. Forth 8.28. Screens 9.33.

  July 2016:     V25.03: Forth 32 version 8.28 +USB Direct communication to PC. Screens 9.32.

  March 2016:     V25.02: +LCP Release to replace 24.63. Forth 6.10. Screens 9.32.

  June 2015:     V24.63: +Vapor Diffusion Optimization for Oryx8. Support for new style roller evaporation shield. Forth 5.45. Screens 9.21.

  May 2013:     V23.99: For systems without V24 hardware upgrade (new style roller evaporation shield). Forth 7 (version 5.39). Screens 8.99.

  September 2011:     V23.96: For systems built before 2004. C Forth version (4.18). +Screens 8.99.

Special Release DOS Software

(systems pre 2004)

This software is specially configured for the two institutes shown

  • Software for Beijing Institute of Biophysics and Hokkaido University (2,381k)
  • Word file with instructions for Beijing and Hokkaido(23k)
  • Set of user manuals for Beijing and Hokkaido(280k)
  • The following DOS program is for designing manual crystallization experiments only. It is the same as the program used by IMPAX. NB it is NOT compatible with earlier versions of the program, therefore IMPAX users should not try to use it with the robot.

    Place the file xs_zip.exe in a new directory and run it. When the files are decompressed, run the program XSTEP.

  • XSTEP program - version for designing manual experiments only (330K)  
  • XML interface
    Douglas Instruments has defined an interface for importing and exporting experimental data from XSTEP, its optimization software.  This interface uses the XML standard.

    If you are having trouble downloading then email us at: info at

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